11/6/2012 = HALFWAY TO HELL

Tomorrow, us women will get to affirm our God-given right to vote! This year, it’s especially important. We all know by now, this “Sssssuper! Storm Sandy” was obviously God demanding that we turn away from the Pagan-Homosexual Empire and rise up to glorify Him as our King.

How can we ensure victory for God’s Republican candidates? Voting helps, but most importantly, you have to PRAY. Prayers are going to win Mitt Romney this election! Godless scientists deny His word, but Christians have all the necessary “evidence.” With prayer, we can make anything happen. And with prayer, we will win the White House!

But there are evil sects slowing taking root. Cults that are hell-bent on growing into a Tree of Knowledge even more alluring — even more dangerous — than Eden’s original sinful foliage. Who are these Satan-worshipping, smut-spewing, seed planters of sin? Witches. Muslims. Hollywood Jews. And teachers.

If Barack Hussein Obama wins on November 6th, it will only be due to one thing: witchcraft. Legion upon legion of demonic Democrats are presently working to take God’s land from His children through occultic spell-casting, animal sacrifices, and deals with the devil. All one has to do is the math.

Election Day falls on 11/6/2012.
Subtract 11 from 2012 = 2001
Divide by 6 and you get 333.5

In other words, just over halfway to 666.

It’s horrifying (though not surprising) to know we are practically in the clutches of The Beast! The nymphomaniac warlocks who serve the Pagan-Homosexual Empire will continue their barrage of sex-magick, pop music, and organic produce until America plunges into a nightmare-scape of grown men married to children. A good, Christian man like Mitt Romney would never let this happen and our prayer will see to it that he is our next president!

Wicked spells are no match for our righteous prayers. With God on our side, the Pagan-Homosexual Empire and its sodomite followers will crumble into dust. With Him, there is no losing. Though “analysts” might say us Moms are speaking preemptively or “inaccurately,” we are confident in proclaiming Mitt Romney as our new President! (As long as you keep praying.)

Glory be to Him!